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"I think anesthesia-free dentistry is a wonderful solution for the MANY dogs who have mild to moderate dental disease and to those clients who would prefer a preventative solution with less risk. By removing the calculus from the teeth before the dental disease progresses to gingivitis and worse, we are truly helping the general health of the patient. When combined with daily brushing and an appropriate diet, our goal is to prevent serious problems from beginning. This will NEVER take the place of dental prophylactic cleanings under anesthesia. As I mentioned earlier, there are many levels of dental disease which would be inappropriate to deal with in an awake patient. I must also mention that, just as there are veterinary technicians with different levels of abilities and skills in dental cleaning, there are several companies and individuals offering this service. I personally DO NOT recommend ANY of these EXCEPT SCOTT BLANCHARD and his company, CANINE DENTAL SERVICE, INC.: He possesses the ideal combination of experience, skill, integrity and personality, which has earned him a well deserved recommendation from me (and MANY other satisfied veterinarians, technicians, pet care-givers, owners and dogs!!!)"
  Dr. Michelle Cupit DVM

"Highland Hills Pet Hospital is proud to have Scott, from Canine Dental Service, come to their new clinic to perform Anesthesia Free Dentals. Clients are excited and looking forward to him coming! Scott’s record for meticulous cleaning and polishing teeth is well documented in nearby clinics. His method with the animals is gentle and kind. The proof is in his work, which is always more than satisfactory to all his clients. We feel very fortunate to have him come to our clinic."
  Highland Hills Pet Hospital

"Scott, from Canine Dental Service, comes to our clinic in Windsor once a month and has a large following here. Seeing is believing! This is truly a service the public loves and initially I was worried it was going to be a sham- he demoed my 12 yr chocolate lab as an example and boy was I impressed, the teeth came out looking like I had ultrasonically scaled them!! From then on I was a believer- he has done approximately 100 dogs (and a few cats!) for us and word of mouth is spreading about his services which are truly sought after by the anesthesia worried public. We call him "the dog whisperer" because of the gentle way he works with dogs-large and small. He has an excellent technique and bedside manner with the animals and their owners."
  Dr Arun K. Rustgi
Mountainwood Pet Hospital Windsor CO

"Let me start by saying, that in the beginning, I was extremely skeptical about this whole 'anesthesia-free-teeth-cleaning-thing'. Scott is the owner of Canine Dental Service; a service that provides anesthesia-free dental cleanings for pets. He requested some time to do a demo on one of our own patients. We chose Missy. Missy is a Cocka-poo that has more health problems than almost all your pets combined, including terrible dental tartar. Anesthesia in most pets has minimal risk, but for Missy, we are more cautious. I was convinced that Scott would not be able to scale her teeth while she was awake. He proved me wrong! He was so gentle with Missy and she sat still for an hour while he cleaned her teeth! No drugs were used, and wow does her breath smell better."
  Bear Valley Veterinary Clinic

"He's extremely gentle and uses praise and kind words to reassure your pets while he works on their teeth. It was truly amazing to us the first time we saw him work."
  Castle Rock Veterinary Clinic,PC

"The service Scott provides has been exceptional. At first, I was skeptical that he could do as good of a dental cleaning as we could under anesthesia. However, I was very impressed, as were the pet owners. With routine AFD cleaning, many animals benefit from preventing periodontal disease before it gets ahead of them, leading to loss of teeth and, even worse, spreading oral bacteria to other parts of the body."

"I have been impressed with how well Scott works with the animals, and he is a real team player when he comes into my practice. He is great at talking with the pet owners and explaining his service, as well as giving recommendations for the best care of their pets' teeth for the future. He is also good as communicating with me if there is a pet with loose teeth, severe gingivitis, or other conditions going on in the mouth that he feels I need to address."
  Kay Gunckel, DVM/Owner
Family Member Animal Hospital

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End Of Appointment