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Each dog and cat is prescreened to make sure they are a candidate for an Anesthesia-Free cleaning. Each dog and cat also receives a wellness check before each appointment by the attending vet. Dogs or cats that are not good candidates need to have their cleaned done while under Anesthesia.

Q: Can all dogs and cats have their teeth cleaned this way?
  A: No. There are limitations that would NOT make your pet a candidate for this method such as:
  • Severe Periodontal (gum) Disease
  • Loose Teeth
  • Severe Aggression Problems
  • Q: Can teeth really be cleaned as good as if they are under anesthesia?
      A: Absolutely! Just like people, most of us don't need anesthesia when we get our teeth cleaned, neither does your pet.
    Q: How do you clean dogs and cats teeth without anesthesia?
      A: Our technique is kind and gentle. The pet simply sits in our lap and we talk and praise them to reassure them. Most pets love the attention and enjoy seeing us.
    Q: Does it hurt?
      A: No.
    Q: Do you use any drugs?
      A: No.
    Q: How long does it take?
      A:Each cleaning is usually about 20 minutes.
    Q: What if I do not want my pet to go under anesthesia even if they are not a good candidate?
      A: We will advise you that we will do the very best we can even if the results are not 100%.


    Cleaning Back Teeth

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